Bosch is Green and getting Greener

- We began in the 1970's with our green philosophy

  • Safe
  • Clean
  • Economical

- Drives product development

- 40% of our research and development goes into protecting the environment and natural resources.

At Bosch, it's about finding technology solutions to ecological challenges

PTNA Green Activities

  • Energy-saving practices in our plants & offices
  • Recycling manufacturing waste products
  • Recycling light bulbs, batteries, metal & plastic scrap
  • Mtp and other facilities use purified water coolers to avoid the need for water bottles in the office
  • Most offices and conferences have been equipped with motion sensors to automatically turn off lights when rooms are not used
  • Mtp janitorial contractor switched to the use of green cleaning products in 2008
  • PTNA communication printed on recycled paper with soy ink
  • Major lighting improvements planned for two of our largest facilities significantly will reduce the electrical consumption and greenhouse gases

PTNA is Green in Product Areas

  • Green Tool Recycling and Packaging
  • PTNA tools returned by customers are collected at the Northeast Arkansas Service Center, where many are reconditioned and resold, thus avoiding the energy and raw materials needed to produce a new tool
  • 100% of the tools not reconditioned are recycled - nothing goes to a landfill
  • All tools that customers leave at a service center that cannot be repaired are 100% recycled
  • All distribution facilities have converted to the use of air pillow packaging to replace the need for chemical foam injection packaging