Duty to the Environment

In the process of the development of its business, Nikon is committed to the implementation of pro-active sustainable activities such as the environmental preservation with full consciousness of the importance of its Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

Environmental Policy

Through its evolution as an environmentally harmonious corporation, Nikon seeks to spread its Basic Environmental Management Policy throughout the entire Nikon Group in order to promote the build-up of a recycling-oriented society through all of its business activities.

Action Guidelines

1. We will make every effort to promote waste reduction, reuse and recycling, while encouraging energy and resource conservation, waste reduction and conscientious waste processing, with the goal of creating an environment-conscious recycling society.

2. We will perform environmental and safety reviews at every stage of planning, development and design, in order to provide products that fully comply with environmental protection aims.

3. At every stage of production, distribution, use and disposal, we will actively introduce materials and equipment that are effective in protecting the environment, strive to develop and improve technologies in this area, and work to minimize environmental burdens.

4. We will meet targets for reduction of environmental burdens and use of harmful substances, and continue to improve our environmental management system through environmental audits and other means.

5. We will develop and follow a rigorous code of standards, in addition to observing all environmental conservation treaties, national and regional laws and regulations.

6. We will conduct ongoing education programmes to further employee knowledge of environmental issues and promote employee involvement in environmental activities.

7. We will provide suppliers with guidance and information to promote optimal environmental protection activities.

8. We will participate actively in the environmental protection programs of society at large, and implement information disclosure.

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