2023 Pro V1x


$72.99 (MSRP)

High flight, precise spin, and control, total performance.

Pro V1x is the optimal premium performance choice for players looking for maximum distance, who need higher flight and more stopping power.

Pro V1x is most frequently recommended for players with launch conditions that are naturally low in height and low in spin. Pro V1x is the choice of Justin Thomas, Danielle Kang, and Matt Fitzpatrick, to name a few.

  • Inside The Engine: Improved performance starts on the inside with a new high gradient dual core, featuring a larger inner core that acts as a central engine for high speed and lower long game spin.
  • Amplified Speed. Low Long Game Spin: The high-flex casing layer adds speed and delivers low long game spin on full shots.
  • Unrivaled Drop-and-Stop™ Control: The soft cast urethane cover completes the total performance of Pro V1x, delivering excellent greenside spin to help golfers shoot lower scores.
  • High, Consistent Flight: A spherically-tiled 348 tetrahedral dimple design delivers high and consistent flight.
  • High Flight Trajectory
  • Maximum Short Game Spin
  • Firm Feel