360° Line & Cross Laser

GLL 2-20

$299.99 (MSRP)

Four-mode functionality, including single vertical, single horizontal, horizontal/vertical combination and lock/manual modes. The 360° coverage gives the user one setup point for an entire room. The GLL 2-20 range is 65 Ft. diameter with accuracy of ± 3/16 In. at 30 Ft. Smart Pendulum System features self-leveling function and indication for an out-of-level condition. Pendulum lock protects the unit for safe transport to the jobsite. The BM3 positioning device easily holds the laser and attaches to objects for precise positioning

  • Bright 360° horizontal cross-line laser for one setup point
  • Smart pendulum system self levels
  • 120° vertical projection for cross-line applications
  • Pendulum lock for safe transport
  • Multi-purpose positioning device for versatile use
  • The GLL 2-20 range is 65 Ft. diameter; accuracy is 3/16 In.