Goal Zero

Nomad 100 Portable Solar Panel


$549.99 (MSRP)

Portable, rugged, and powerful, this 100-Watt lightweight, the foldable panel features built-in charging cables for Yeti Power Stations. Combine multiple panels to maximize solar input on your next overlanding trip.

  • 100-Watt (14-22V) foldable and weatherproof solar panel.
  • Big wattage and weighs only 10 lbs.
  • The solar panel does not hold a charge it produces power when it is exposed to sunlight.
  • Connect it to recharge a portable power station.
  • The Nomad 100 is best used for recharging Goal Zero Yetis.
  • Dimensions (unfolded): 20.5 x 59.5 x 1 in (52 x 151.1 x 2.54 cm)
  • Dimensions (folded): 20.5 x 15.5 x 2 in (52 x 39.37 x 5.08 cm)